Tuesday, September 9

Back in rehearsal...

One of the wonderful things about releasing a new album is of course the release party. It's somewhat like a birthday, a 30-year anniversary and a more-than-decent reason to drink beer together with friends and fans.

Another great thing is to come out and play the songs live, for a live audience instead of playing for two, three individuals you already know, with headphones on, who after a few days heard just about enough of any song you might produce.

We're getting there, although no proof of life for some time now. Just say we're preparing to meet the world, and want to fine-tune some stuff. As things look at the moment, we'll have a quick tour down to Amsterdam (where they call the burgers Le BigMac and Royal respectively due to the metric system) after which we're aiming to greet our hometown audience in Sweden in good time before x-mas.

We've heard one track in its final state so far, after which the studio went totally disco on us. The rest is yet to come, and we are back in pole position at the mixing table.

keepin' ya posted