Sunday, May 8

Maze moves on


There is a new album in the making, and you're invited to follow the events and progress on the brand new recording blog:

Keep on rockin'


Tuesday, December 9


Dear all,

We've now had two release concerts, both with their unique charm. On the second one, on location in Stockholm, ISMAs Marco Occa took some good snapshots of some hard working rockers, here in a slide show on ISMAs homepage.



Monday, October 27

Release party Stockholm, Thursday Dec 4

Dear all,

We've just got word that the Stockholm event is gonna be
at Tantogården, Thursday, first week in December. We open the doors
at 19:30 with a full bar and lots of music.


On stage: Maze of Time


Friday, October 24

Lullaby part 2 lyrics

We've got a number of requests on the lyrics, like what's a madrigal? So, here's a few lines about this: A madrigal is "a polyphonic vocal setting, usually unaccompanied, of various kinds of verse that was extremely popular from the early 16th century to the middle of the 17th century, particularly in Italy. By the middle of the 16th century, the genre was used as fertile ground for musical experimentation."

So, after clearing that out :-), here goes for your reading pleasure:

Lullaby for heroes

Human failure, broken harmonies, words of wisdom from the giant that never sleeps. The distant callers awakening the sleep, it’s been a wild time and nothing is no longer free. I remember the words you once spoke: “Was it real love? I’m drifting on a river of hope”.

A distant journey has begun; fallen angels sing a song - a lullaby for heroes. A long-lost childhood melody, almost madrigal it seems - a lullaby for heroes.

I feel like I’m drifting away (it’s okay now, fall asleep)
Who’s calling? I’ve heard that tune before (a long-lost childhood melody)

Precious little dreamer coming in through the light, driven by emotions amused by the grace of life.
I ran out of words now, maybe I’ve got nothing to say? Does it really matter? It’s poetry anyway.

I can hear the sirens calling. Anyway, I’m not surprised…

A distant journey has begun…

text/lyrics © Robert I Edman

Wednesday, October 22

The Lullaby video is on youtube

Be sure to check it out, we're having a great time with Lullaby for heroes so far!


Tuesday, October 21

Preview with correct link

We got some stuff from Lars Rosin today, and want to share.
This is a radio edit of 'Lullaby for Heroes' that you might like.

Preview with correct link this time around...


download here (mp3)

best regards


Saturday, October 4

Lullabe video

Stefan, Anders and Mikael have all helped us with their special skills and in a not too distant future, you'll be able to see a glimse of the goingson in the Maze HQ. We gathered for a fun session, which soon will show up on Youtube - keeping our fingers crossed as usual when it comes to y'all digital stuff.

Johnny has booked a venue in Amsteradam for the press preview of Lullabys, we talked to him on the phone and he was just about as excited as we are. Closing in, as is the relase - we're still looking for a venue and any Stockholm based tips are welcome.

Saturday is rehearsal day, perhaps we'll share a clip or two from thas session as well.



Tuesday, September 9

Back in rehearsal...

One of the wonderful things about releasing a new album is of course the release party. It's somewhat like a birthday, a 30-year anniversary and a more-than-decent reason to drink beer together with friends and fans.

Another great thing is to come out and play the songs live, for a live audience instead of playing for two, three individuals you already know, with headphones on, who after a few days heard just about enough of any song you might produce.

We're getting there, although no proof of life for some time now. Just say we're preparing to meet the world, and want to fine-tune some stuff. As things look at the moment, we'll have a quick tour down to Amsterdam (where they call the burgers Le BigMac and Royal respectively due to the metric system) after which we're aiming to greet our hometown audience in Sweden in good time before x-mas.

We've heard one track in its final state so far, after which the studio went totally disco on us. The rest is yet to come, and we are back in pole position at the mixing table.

keepin' ya posted


Sunday, July 6

Mike the Mixer makes a move

The Over the Hill studio is officially on vacation, but nothing that would stop Mike from mixing some drums and bass. Alex was over to pick up the last of his keyboard mound and had a go at listening in. Thomas had lent an ear earlier that morning and was more than pleased. Mike stated once again that the album is gonna be a keeper. And just as he promised, the record company rep has still heard nothing of the recordings - man, that's brave!

Robert is still on vacance in the south but will probably surface again in late July and we'll have a go. Most possibly, a snippet or two can be presented on our MySpace page as soon as we have something presentable - so hang on there and in the meantime, try to catch some sun!



Wednesday, June 25

Recording Day: 20-23

After a pause of like three weeks or so, we're on a roll again. Feels great.
Enter the talented singer Oskar, a good friend of Jesper - singer, keyboardist and
a keen ear for what flies and what does not. With access to four voices, it was
a true pleasure to lay down some backing vocals.

To make a long story short; we nailed it. We're finished with the recording sessions in the Over the Hill studio. And that's a relief for all involved, families, friends, relatives and everyone else who hear us whistling, humming, practicing the same thing over and over, who has to take care of the real world while we spend our energy in Micke's magic house of music.

Next post about the melange of 24 tracks down to two...