Thursday, May 22

Recording Day 19: Backing vocals

Robert, Jesper and Alex added to the backing vocals today.
We added some stuff, although we're not equally sure on the
amount of choirs necessary, since it adds musical texture on
one hand but with the richness of Jesper's voice just caught
on tape/disk - we need to think this one over.

We're almost, almost done recording all together. Mixing is up,
but there's something in the way. This something is this man:

This individual on one hand makes wonderful food for the rest of us,
but also takes Robert's full attention for the next fortnight or so.
Therefore, recording of "Lullaby for Heroes" will resume sometime around June 15th or so. In the meantime, don't stay indoors reading other peoples' blogs - go out and enjoy the sun instead!


Monday, May 19

Recording Day 17-18: Six strings finally

And so, after putting everything with keys into their respective boxes, cases, plastic bags, cartons, everything worth pounding on back to Heby, there was more room left in the studio for Roberts melodic lead, solos and musical garnishing - alone with Micke. Oh, yes, I should mention that Janne came by for some final adjustments to his otherwise excellent performance.

After completing some wild, some crazy, some actually fine-tuned and some a-little-more-like-we-expected musical impressions to whatever it is we do
that takes so godforsakenly long as my daughter puts it, Robert stands tall and
poses for that final shot. Here it is:

Robert posing

What's cooking now then? Well, there are some chores yet for the choir boys the upcoming weekend, after which the musical melange process takes place, eventually
leading into something far beyond our expectations. But, that's what Micke is hired to do right, although he himself claims we caused him less trouble than the last sessions with Tales from the Maze. But then he hasn't heard the choir yet :-)



Sunday, May 11

Recording Day 16: Wrappin' up the band, er, almost

Dear audience, an important milestone has been reached. All the backing strings, keys, guitars and synth pads are in place. Robert is happy, Alex is happy. We are through garnishing the paved freeway, well er... the yellow brick road casting a reflection originating from from the deep innards of Robert's soul.

What I'm saying is that we've had a good time so far (including Micke), and the instrumental efforts have come to a close - save some solos, and some supporting vocals and soon you can all share the enjoyment of the final product.

until soon!


Sunday, May 4

Recording day 15: Laed Vocalis

Yes, after recovering from a major cold, Jesper rose above his standards like the Phoenix bird and delivered.

Robert and Jesper
Here I am, 10am and ready to go!

Jesper's talent didn't stop Robert one bit from telling who is daddy around
the studio. Evidence?, er , well check out this photo suite:

Robert and Jesper
Note especially, the last shot. You could almost guess Jesper thinking "oh, great, I thought he never would stop, I finally can get the mike back....".

So after this day we actually have an hour's worth of vocals on tape. The mazekeepers are thus relatively satisfied with our newcomer and today's ongoings.

Robert and Jesper
Let's say we keep him, he's a cool dude and actually sings quite decent! Rob said a bit later: 'yeah, there's some ingredient of hope here'

Robert and Jesper
Great, I'm game. Lullaby for heroes is gonna be a monster!