Sunday, March 30

Recording Day 5: Sounding my Organ

Second day of ebony and ivory,

Finishing up the pianos, the organs, most of the Nord Electro piano stuff and all of the muffins. Micke was in a good mood today and Janne & Sebastian paid us a visit in the studio. Perhaps I (alex) was far too focused on the task at hand to chat to remember much of what we talked about earlier this evening, but at least I got a good picture of them in Micke's designated Vocalist's nap couch.

Janne and Sebastian

Lastly, another fine study of Alex hammering away on his contribution to a very promising album.

Alex with feeling

Saturday, March 29

Recording Day 4: Black n´White galore

Friends and fans,

Keyboard jockey Alex Jonsson enters the arena for a session in the Over the Hill studio. Micke is up early and makes that great coffee of his and while we wait for Robert (as usual) we decide to crack open the Moog and see what's inside because it's starting to sound funny. After a while we find the culprit being a couple of not-quite-correct-solderings who now had given way for the wear and tear of time.

Micke soldering away on the RougeNotice especially Micke's captivating smile, the lemon flavored muffins and the three VHS tapes taken secretly of the previous sessions from a hidden camera stashed up a bookshelf (exhibits "maze1", "maze2" and "maze3").

Alex had just got his Roland stage piano back from the shop (Thanks Putte for lending me that other one), and could show what many hours of practice can result in without having to fight with a bad case of inconsistent key velocity reading - another way of saying he previously played well but it sounded near awful :-). But now it sounded great and most of the piano sections were dealt with, in harmony with feeling.

Alex doing his thing for all modern day heroes

"Keeping the Maze clean since 2004"

Tuesday, March 18

Recording Day 3: Placeholder lyrics

This Tuesday evening, Jan, Robert and Jesper ended up in the Over the Hill studio for some touch-up on the bass and laying down some guiding lyrics for Jesper's coming contributions. Robert had a stuffy nose and it sounded partially excellent and partly kind o' muffled one could say.

Robert in thoughts Robert is pondering on the meaning of it all, question for the rest of us is whether or not we should be happy that he can transform only a small fraction of these thoughts into lyrics, whereas others lay untouched inside that winding brain of his :-)

Sunday, March 16

Recording Day 2: Foundation wrap-up

Today Thomas and Janne proved themselves by delivering consistent, high-quality stuff right at us! Robert, Jesper and myself were really, really pleased with what we heard and find it appropriate to send some cred their way. Therefore, today's pics are dedicated to them, even though the rest of us think we are quite photogenic as well :-)

Thomas relaxing after a job well done!

Janne listening in to one of the tracks, pleased with the results.

Disussing with Robert about that count-in, was there eight or only seven beats?

Now we're gonna go easter-hibernation for a couple of days, next recording day is on Saturday, March 29th. Thomas and Janne can be very pleased with the events, but guys, don't eat to many eggs!

Saturday, March 15

Recording Day 1: Drum & Bass

AY! The unvirginalization of the new album is a fact.

A splendid day in the studio where Tomas ”100%” Nordh, well almost anyway, delivered superb beats. Five tracks drums and bass in a day is nothing less than extraordinary.

Thomas had his Yamaha 9000 Recording set up already when the rest of us arrived this morning. Everyone brought their best to this first day of recording. Janne finally brought his 5-string Fender Jazz Bass Special instead of his much lighter Yamaha Bass.

Alex only brought 3(!) of his synthesizers; a Nord Lead 3, Nord Electro 2 and a substitute mother keyboard since his own still isn't returned from the repair shop.

Robert heard a rumor that he was supposed to play through a Line 6 POD, making him frown and brought his VOX - instant success.

To-do list of the day, according to Thomas. Doen't he look a bit like Chuck Norris?

Sunday, March 9

Everyone needs a comforting shoulder...

..and we have Micke, who assisted Thomas with authority (and Jesper) in setting up drums today. The white 'Recording' set is once again prepped with overheads and the SM57 as snare mike. Now, we're very close to entering the event horizon, where Saturday, March 15th means showtime. Another milestone for the mazekeepers and the beginning of a new recording blog!

Three cheers, and let's see some f-n hands!